Who am I ?

Nice to see you. My name is Josef Meier. I’m an electronics engineer living in Munich, Bavaria – Germany.

I love to tinker with everything that has to do with technologies, that blinks and makes noise  My interests mostly spin around programming and creating all kinds of tools.

Since I was a young boy I love to play computer games on several consoles and the PC. I always wanted to write my own game and a few years ago I stumbled over Unity3d. I made some little projects with it and was astonished about it’s capability to get extended with self created assets.

In 2015 I created my first asset which made it’s way into the Asset Store and I plan to create more of them.

Look around and send me a message at tenlittlepixels@gmx.de, if you like. I would be pleased.



Latest news

Today I completely redesigned the homepage. I hope you like the new […]