Eyes in the dark

Background story

This asset for Unity3D is the result of a discussion with friends at a barbecue event.

We were talking about scary cartoon movies and through which graphical elements the creators achieve a spooky look. “Blinking eyes in foliage in the darkness” was the answer of a friend. I searched for an suitable asset in the asset store but didn’t find any.  So I made it on my own.


  • Customizable Textures and Materials for the eye sprite.
  • Blink frequency and duration can be changed.
  • A distance can be specified where the eyes begin to blink.
  • Eyes can automatically rotate to the camera.
  • Two demo scenes are included.

How does it look like?

Location in the Asset Store of Unity3D

Here is “Eyes in the dark” in Unity’s Asset Store <


Email: tenlittlepixels@gmx.de

Forum: https://forum.unity.com/threads/eyes-in-the-dark-scripted-blinking-eyes-for-spooky-environment-effect.1217616/